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A few simple steps

You are here: Home How we do it

A few simple steps

Define the guest experience - curating and detailing the guest experience - a service mapping exercise

Position the product in the market place - define the rate, who is the guest? how will we find them and how will they find us

Design and cost the experience - buildings, operational equipment, staff training, opening and launch

Create the sustainable business model - develop a 5 year business plan

Define the staffing structures - agree staffing levels and structures required to deliver the agreed guest experience

Recruit the right people - assist with staff employment and Key Result Areas

Immerse them in the product - intense immersion into the business through induction and development

Living the brand through training and development - pre-opening and in-the-moment tutoring

Installation - hands on installation with the Fox Browne team

Leave easy to use tools to sustain the experience - create product specific operating manuals and guides on all aspects of the business

On going product audits - visits to maintain the quality of the product and advise our clients how to keep the brand alive