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What we do

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What we do

Fox Browne Creative offers direction and assistance for the development of luxury lodges, lifestyle retail outlets, remote private homes and small hotels, from developing the guest experience and concept, through to the physical design, implementation and operation. Most importantly, we are passionate about creating beautiful guest experiences.

Concept and Development

Fox Browne Creative offers direction and assistance for the development of luxury lodges and small hotels. We have 40 years combined experience in luxury tourism and travel having designed, built, project managed, styled, opened and operated over 60 award winning lodges in some of the most remote parts of Africa and India. This includes procurement, delivery logistics and installation of all interiors and operational equipment. Between us we have tackled and overcome just about every challenge imaginable and more importantly, we have loved every day creating beautiful guest experiences.

Design and Operations

Our philosophy in both design and operations is very simple - it is all about the guests and what they will experience whilst staying there. We have a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t when creating and operating a product for the luxury international traveller. We believe that our concepts and projects have a distinctive style and personality all of their own and as such comfortably compete with the best of the rest. Every property that we have ever developed reflects an exclusive sense of place. Today’s luxury traveller seeks truth, soul and meaning. We also firmly believe in the celebration of romance and the inclusion of many gentle touches of humour that will delight, inspire and capture the heart of the guest.

Brand Creation

Defining the guest experience and positioning of the business is the starting point and what we believe is absolutely key to the success of any new or existing operation. From there flows the creative process, market positioning and pricing, and finally the operational plan.

Marketing and Distribution

We have access to some of the travel industry’s leading marketing minds and can advise on B2C and B2B launch strategies, global distribution and ongoing marketing initiatives which focus primarily on the consumer and travel media but not forgetting the travel trade. We are well connected to the world’s leading luxury travel operators - both retail and wholesale - and fully understand how this industry operates.

Living the Brand

We have an obsessive attention to detail in creating the brand identity as logos are designed and colour palettes and fonts carefully chosen. But this is only the beginning – every guest touch point, whether hard or soft, must reflect and celebrate the values of the brand and to stray from this in any way ever is simply not an option. Best operating practices are agreed upon upfront, formalised and documented by us. These range from external applications through to all internal and operational requirements, creating an invisible but powerful brand thread that runs through all the touch points of the business.


People are the heart of the brand. Every staff member must be inspired to truly believe "I am the brand". We assist and guide in formulating individual induction processes for every business and from there run workshops that define and affirm what the distinctive and non-negotiable personality and philosophy of the business are. This ensures that all team members believe in the values of the brand and understand what their role is in consistently and joyfully delivering guest delight. This results in a profitable and sustainable business. Our promise is to ensure that all the fundamentals are in place and that every staff member lives the dream.


Practical implementation of process and structure is required to ensure the smooth running of any business. From kitchen flows, through to housekeeping solutions we provide detailed operating manuals and styling guides on all aspects of the day to day running of a lodge or small hotel. These easy-to-use tools make the dream a reality that sustains past the excitement of opening and become entrenched in the DNA of the operation.


We have an in-depth understanding of the financial workings and challenges of a luxury lodge or small hotel and are able to assist in the modeling of the business, creation of cost centres, and planning and budgeting to provide a solid management platform against which to measure the performance of the business.

Ongoing Product and Service Audits

In order to maintain and improve the high standards and attention to detail created in the opening phase of the business we can assist with ongoing operational, styling, human and process input. Our reports are succinctly edited to provide practical and cost effective inputs that challenge and inspire owners, management and staff while identifying real opportunities for guest delight and service innovation. Detailed costing for any equipment or training required can be provided.